CALPI, Inc., hydro-blast pumps with specially designed water jetting tips can provide normal operating pressures of 3,000 PSI to 10,000 PSI, with water flows leaving the nozzle(s) at velocities as high as 1,250 feet per second. CALPI, Inc’s high pressure pump set-up and specially designed water jetting tips, can control the impact of the water that strikes the cleaning area(s). This system can be used to clean outside and/or inside surfaces.    

Chemical Cleaning
CALPI, Inc., Industrial Division provides specially formulated cleaning solutions to clean the internal side of processing equipment. Each solution is formulated specifically for each project, which provides the best solution at the most
economical cost. The chemicals used
are safe and efficient. These services
are provided to the petroleum and
industrial industries, power plants,
co-generation plants, cement plants,
and municipalities.